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$3 Tito’s drinks and $2 Coors Light

Fahrenheit + Celsius w/ Performances by 94 Cove, The Wet Brothers, Wildfoxx

Thursday, May 30
Show | 9pm

Fahrenheit & Celsius w/ Performances by: 94 Cove, The Wet Brothers, Wildfoxx
9pm $5

“A duo two years in the making, Fahrenheit & Celsius “Make it Clap, Make it Clap” DJing separately as fiDlin and MisChief the two have brought it hard to audiences on both sides of the globe.

Two years ago the two met through a series of coincidental events and became good friends, going to shows together, collaborating musical ideas together, and in general having a great time. When the time came for her to head back home to Australia, she left eager to become a DJ.

MisChief aka Misch Bocska took a DJ and production course, she began playing in the clubs in her home country not long after.

fiDlin aka Tim Anderson uses ableton live for his performances, striving to make the effects and music manipulation as much of a customized experience as possible. Focusing on live edits and effects, he lacked the overall connection of the mix that Misch had, and with their overlapping interest in the eastern sound, they bring a new sound to the dance floor, Egyptian twerk.

The party doesn’t end here, theres much more to come from this banging duo.”