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Upcoming Events

    February 2019
    Feb 20
    $3 REAL Long Islands and $2 Wells!!

    House band composed of Ian Shepherd, Mitchell Killough, Jesse Brown and Clayton Thompson!! Each week will feature a different guest artist!!!

    Show | 9pm
    Feb 21
    $3 Tito’s drinks and $2 Coors Light
    Show | 9:30pm
    Feb 22
    $2 Pizza Slices and $2.50 Bud Cans (4-7pm)
    Show | 5pm
    Feb 22
    $3 Jameson & $3 Fireballs -$2.50 PBR 16oz
    Show | 9:30pm

    Aquila fuses rock, r&b, & jazz like a musical gumbo for the soul. Based in Champaign/Urbana, the quartet is writing and performing their original music while paying tribute to their influences with an eclectic blend of covers.

    Feb 23
    $3 Tequila Drinks & $5 Jager Bombs -$2.50 PBR 16oz
    Show | 9:30pm

    Sunshine Daydream specializes in performing Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band music in a refreshing high energy, up-tempo style.